Hell yeah, lets get stinko

Firmly with our fingers on the mercurial pulse of five years ago, some wiseacres here in Knoxvegas have decided to blog about boozing it up. Alert the media. I’ve read a good many, no…a great many blogs of local and national relevance on just about every topic the fine denizens of the cyberverse can manage. One of the primary things I’ve noticed about blogging is that the more successful authors write because it entertains them, rather than the reader. That’s going to be true here as well.

I mean, come on, be honest…good drunken folk the world over could not possibly care less about where to get a good drink in a third-rate transit town with an inferiority complex. Still, it is our duty to edify the masses on the off chance you might end up here. Who knows? Perhaps you have the misfortune to move here, or more likely, you find yourself here with a raging headache, torn garments, and a powerful inclination to hurl in your airport hotel room.

If you’ve made it this far into our creed (screed?) then you are to be congratulated. Either you are the biggest boozehound in the world or you genuinely care about learning all you can about Knoxville. If the former, I welcome you with a heady “Huzzah.” If you consider yourself the latter, then I ask what the fuck?

On second thought, that’s the sort of presumption that will fly here. Ego is a prime factor in our drinking, and we have that fine trait in bundles. So, hail gentle reader. Let’s get this shit started.

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  1. Definitely entertaining yourselves..but what else
    are beligerent fools in K-town to
    Atleast someone can actually write amongst the group, that being Lord Von Lord.