Maker's Mark vs. Kitty Kaga

Our favorite bourbon is being featured in an episode of Iron Chef America on the Food Network this week, one that I’m going to try to watch for sure. Admittedly I don’t watch the newer version of this program much because I prefer the original Iron Chef from Japan that they used to show with subtitles and the crazy-assed Chairman Kaga, plus the bizarre ingredients that I’d never seen or heard of before. But all things must change and I’ve watched my share of the current show, just not as much the past couple of years. I learned of the Maker’s news via my Ambassador letter from Maker’s CEO Bill Samuels, Jr. who also announced he is stepping down and turning the company operations over to his son Rob. His simple hope is that his son doesn’t fuck up the whisky, though he says it a bit more tastefully.

Below is an excerpt from Bill about the upcoming show airing on the Food Network:

This week's episode of Iron Chef America features Iron Chef Cat Cora and challenger Chef Paul Miranda in a bourbon battle to the finish. I'll leave it you to figure out which bourbon they chose for the battle. As if that's not enough, our very own Master Distiller, Kevin Smith, was one of the three judges and did us real proud! Hell, he may have even found a new career for himself. The competition was mighty fierce, but to find out whose bourbon "cuisine reigns supreme," you'll just have to watch! Here's a schedule of times (all EDT) when you can catch the episode on Food Network:

10/28 @ 9:00 PM
10/29 @ 12:00 AM
10/30 @ 5:00 PM
10/30 @ 11:00 PM
10/31 @ 2:00 AM

For those of you who want to compliment Cat Cora on her spectacular bourbon creations, go on over to her blog (http://catcoracooks.com/blog/) and give her a cheer. She might even share a recipe or two with you.

That's it for now. Hope to see you soon down here at the distillery - the fall colors are spectacular right now. And so is the whisky - as always.

Allez cuisine!


Like a sackful of axe handles

Here at DK we pay attention to minor holidays as well as major ones. To be honest, so long as we can tie in a reason to drink we'll also honor the most obscure regional festival, visit the farthest winter gathering, and humor the vilest of Nilotic dark rites-you name it, we'll knock them back somehow.

Some of you may know that one of my favorites is the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Say what you want to about the overall quality of Brit drinks, the Royal Navy had a great naming convention going. While the sailors of yore(and indeed today) drank copious amounts of rum, the present Autumn weather makes me prefer what limited gin I am allowed to take the form of Hendricks-with cucumber of course.

Lately though I've been doing more window shopping at the package store, and I noticed this little doozy.

Also a promising naming convention. I might have to splurge on this luxury just in time for the TSIO, and tilt one back to Admiral Nelson. He need not know it comes from the Midwest. Hell, like he would care even.


The Hangover

Brewers Jam is a fading memory once again. Days fill the distance from that warm, sunny afternoon of tasting beer and catching up with friends on the festival lawn at World's Fair Park. Somehow I managed to behave responsibly for most of the day before following my liver's heart and drinking the night away downtown with the boys. However there was no loss of wallet, cell phone or dignity for yours truly this year - a rare accomplishment for an event of this nature.

I'm not so sure about the fellow pictured below. He seemed perfectly at ease resting only a few steps outside the festival gate at the Chocolate Factory, but I can't imagine a less comfortable place to recline than those brick steps. This isn't exactly a sandy beach that beckons one to take a nap.


What's that? Brewers Jam?

Why yes it is, the Brewers Jam is tomorrow and it looks like I will be attending afterall. This has been a poor year of attendance for my favorite drinking festivals. I was on the brink of skipping this one too until I got the call from Tag B. Let's take a look back on the season:

+ - Rossini Festival
X - Irish Festival
X - Feast with the Beasts
X - Wine on the Water
+ - Brewers Jam

Ok that's 2 for 5, not great but it could be worse. 40% is a failing mark but if it were .400 in baseball I'd be a star. It's all about perspective, man.


Shadey Bar Busted

WATE and KNS have reports of the 4th Knoxville bar to be raided and closed down via the Nuisance Law. I'm glad that I never got around to that Knoxville Dive Bar Tour I was planning; it's one good thing about the bad economy that may have saved me some trouble. So it looks like I won't be visiting Max's Bar anytime soon.

Both articles have similar details of the violations including gambling, selling drugs and operating without proper permits and signage. Pesky rules. WATE goes further, listing the patrons cited in the raid for mary-jane possession. The names are . . . kinda Shadey.


Meet the Makers

Maker's Mark Distillery will be at Downtown Grill & Brewery this Thursday. They're hosting an Ambassador meeting but everyone is welcome to attend for free. These meetings are pretty fun to attend and a good way to learn more about their product and get some freebies. Plus they offer an excellent excuse to get out and drink some whisky. Try to go if possible and I recommend signing up as an Ambassador if you aren't one already. Basically it is a loyalty program that keeps you up to date with recipes and special offers at events like the Kentucky Derby.

At this meeting, none other than Maker's Mark President Bill Samuels Jr. will be present to lead the evening, though I've fallen for that one before. It doesn't matter who shows up because it's hard not to have a good time with a bunch of whisky drinkers. Also, the Brewery has consistently been Knoxville's leading consumer of Maker's Mark - a fact the humble authors of this blog are proud to be a part of. Go there, it will be a good time.

Place: Downtown Grill & Brewery, 424 Gay St.
Date: 10-14-10
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, tasting sessions at 6:30 and 7:30


Drunken Jukebox 5 - Spill The Wine

In what has become a regular DK feature, behold the Drunken Jukebox: Music to Motivate Your Liver. A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll, punk, rap and pop crap, old or new– all musical genres and periods are open for exploitation. Quarters and crisp dollar bills not required.

In support of Wine on The Water - Eric Burdon & War, Spill The Wine.

Updated version.

Lt. Rocka XVI

Lieutenant Rocka is back with a new podcast. Episode 16 is available on his website, but there has been some trouble with the link so if you can't download it you can go to drop.io and get it there. I listened to it the other day and it's even more mellow than usual, something like being stoned plus shooting H and tequila. Be cool, man, it's Friday.

Megadeth und Slayer

Jagermeister, beer und devil music.