Gnome Improvements

Looks like the Roaming Gnome Pub on Cumberland Avenue in Knoxville is undergoing some outdoor renovations (not Stefano's). I noticed some workers on their patio the other day and figured they were sprucing up the place in preparation of football season. Fairly obvious but I was going to contact them via their website to ask for details only to discover that it has lapsed and is now Blackjack En Ligne. After a search it appears they are going the Twitter/facebook route. Fine.

So if you want to know what's new you're going to have to visit in person and see what the hell is going on. Or just drink at home and play online Blackjack.

No, don't do that.

Blackjack En Ligne


Buzz Ballz

Yes! We have another novelty alcoholic beverage: Buzz Ballz. Not blue balls or anything from Dr. Evil, just 20% booze in your favorite flavors to get the party started. I just saw these in New Orleans for the first time so I'm not sure if they are available in K-town or not - I'm just not that hip or "with it". It really isn't that surprising to see, this kind of kind of newbie-marketing happens all the time. There is always a new batch of 21 year olds (or younger) getting their drink on, and tooters, jello shots, fruity wine coolers, frozen pouches and party balls have been around for decades. I doubt it will change anytime soon and I'm glad.

A few other snaps from NOLA:


Lucky Dog for dinner, mmmm.

Last but not least - Yo Mama's, home of many an embarrassment for yours truly. And others, lots of others - you know who you are.


Here are a few more pics and notes about my visit to New Orleans - much lazier than creating a new post!

Met some cool folks from Memphis there with ties to Knawksville

Famous Door G & T - famous for overpriced drinks! Good times though.

No lights no problem
Erin Rose - outside lighting caused too much damn glare.
Dated sign inside Erin Rose
Yes, that is a working payphone

Keg seats kick ass at Erin Rose

I forgot a few nice ones...

The Famous Sazerac Bar
New Orleans' Drink

Ascot Cup, weighing in over 1200 ounces of silver


Football is Near

The first Pre-Season NFL game is this Sunday night at 8p.m.  It's the annual Hall of Fame game featuring the Arizona Cardinals at the New Orleans Saints.  Rooster’s will be having $14 Miller Lite buckets and as always the best wings and pizza in town (their words, not mine).
The game will be aired on the NFL Network so don't look for it on ESPN or the networks. I have yet to upgrade my cable sports package therefore I will be watching a bar. There seems to be quite a few Saints fans in Knoxville but I dare you to find a single Cardinals fan - I may be the only one in town. The Bird has a lone UT Volunteer on their roster, NT Dan Williams. The Saints double that with two, Turk McBride and Jabari Greer.
We all know the preseason is crap but it is a welcome reminder that the real thing isn't too far away. Who do I tell that I'm ready for some football now that Hank Jr. is gone?