It's the Holiday Season, Have a Drink

Another year gone so fast, don't waste the rest of it thirsty. Knoxville.com has listed a few places to consider for NYE or sooner. Don't forget the DK listings right here, starting below the Drunkards and glass of whiskey.



Tin Roof, Redbull Play and Destroy

Play and Destroy is a collegiate student vs. student music battle where all you need is an iPod, creativity, and a solid song list. Competitors are given categories ex. best make out song, stripper anthems, singing in the shower, etc.


-Build a playlist with your best song for each category and battle your opponent for the grand prize.
-You'll get to play each song for 30 seconds, so cue it up to the good part.
-Winners are judged by crowd response, ties are decided by playing an additional song.
-You must create a DJ Name for yourself in order to compete.
-You can't use the same song twice.

Play and Destroy will take place November 27th at Tin Roof Knoxville on the Strip
Event begins at 10:30 pm - 21+
For more information and to register to compete visit - www.RedBullPlayAndDestroy.com


Drunken Jukebox 9

Behold the Drunken Jukebox: Music to Motivate Your Liver. A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll, punk, rap, hip hop and pop crap, old or new– all musical genres and periods are open for exploitation. Quarters and crisp dollar bills not required.

Thank you MCA:

Somebody left a quarter in the jukebox, bonus song!

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Whoa now, easy there

This one made me cringe more than a bit when I heard about it. The News Sentinel ran a story about an unfortunate student incident this weekend that is definitely in the WTF category. I will continue to inebriate myself the old fashion way. More on the subject via Gawker if you just have to know.


Gnome Improvements

Looks like the Roaming Gnome Pub on Cumberland Avenue in Knoxville is undergoing some outdoor renovations (not Stefano's). I noticed some workers on their patio the other day and figured they were sprucing up the place in preparation of football season. Fairly obvious but I was going to contact them via their website to ask for details only to discover that it has lapsed and is now Blackjack En Ligne. After a search it appears they are going the Twitter/facebook route. Fine.

So if you want to know what's new you're going to have to visit in person and see what the hell is going on. Or just drink at home and play online Blackjack.

No, don't do that.

Blackjack En Ligne


Buzz Ballz

Yes! We have another novelty alcoholic beverage: Buzz Ballz. Not blue balls or anything from Dr. Evil, just 20% booze in your favorite flavors to get the party started. I just saw these in New Orleans for the first time so I'm not sure if they are available in K-town or not - I'm just not that hip or "with it". It really isn't that surprising to see, this kind of kind of newbie-marketing happens all the time. There is always a new batch of 21 year olds (or younger) getting their drink on, and tooters, jello shots, fruity wine coolers, frozen pouches and party balls have been around for decades. I doubt it will change anytime soon and I'm glad.

A few other snaps from NOLA:


Lucky Dog for dinner, mmmm.

Last but not least - Yo Mama's, home of many an embarrassment for yours truly. And others, lots of others - you know who you are.


Here are a few more pics and notes about my visit to New Orleans - much lazier than creating a new post!

Met some cool folks from Memphis there with ties to Knawksville

Famous Door G & T - famous for overpriced drinks! Good times though.

No lights no problem
Erin Rose - outside lighting caused too much damn glare.
Dated sign inside Erin Rose
Yes, that is a working payphone

Keg seats kick ass at Erin Rose

I forgot a few nice ones...

The Famous Sazerac Bar
New Orleans' Drink

Ascot Cup, weighing in over 1200 ounces of silver


Football is Near

The first Pre-Season NFL game is this Sunday night at 8p.m.  It's the annual Hall of Fame game featuring the Arizona Cardinals at the New Orleans Saints.  Rooster’s will be having $14 Miller Lite buckets and as always the best wings and pizza in town (their words, not mine).
The game will be aired on the NFL Network so don't look for it on ESPN or the networks. I have yet to upgrade my cable sports package therefore I will be watching a bar. There seems to be quite a few Saints fans in Knoxville but I dare you to find a single Cardinals fan - I may be the only one in town. The Bird has a lone UT Volunteer on their roster, NT Dan Williams. The Saints double that with two, Turk McBride and Jabari Greer.
We all know the preseason is crap but it is a welcome reminder that the real thing isn't too far away. Who do I tell that I'm ready for some football now that Hank Jr. is gone?


Sherlock Holmes Pub - Gatlinburg

Hey drunkards, we found a new place to get loaded in Gatlinburg – it’s Sherlock Holmes Pub, just off the main drag in a great location. Renowned drunkard Atlas discovered the spot and gets full credit in the record book: 10 points.

LVL and I ventured for lunch/early drinks and were impressed by most everything. The British décor obviously fits, it’s clean (and new), has a great patio and the service was excellent. Drink prices are modest and the food was acceptable, though a hand battered fish & chips entrée would be much nicer.

They are still getting settled in so I expect things to be even better the next time we visit. Definitely worth a try the next time you’re in G-Burg, try the beer. Cheers.

Sherlock Holmes Pub
651 Parkway #110
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

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I've Been Wrong Before

Well, well. Looks like I've been made a damn fool for discounting the Tiki revival movement. First Ooga Mooga and now this Swanky fellow with his authentic love of all things Tiki. I promise to investigate and get to the bottom of this. For now check out the Metro Pulse article here...


Radio Wimbledon

Two of my favorite summer work weeks involve nothing more than sitting in my cubicle listening to internet radio coverage of the Championships via Wimbledon.com. The British announcers chat and talk about local news, the world of sports and sometimes themselves as much as the tennis going on around them. A typical day during the fortnight begins with TV coverage on ESPN2 as I eat breakfast and get ready for work. These days I can use the iPhone app and listen on my drive to work since I do not have XM Radio, or any radio for that matter. When I arrive at my desk I fire up the computer and navigate through the Wimbledon site and start listening to programming that usually lasts throughout the entire workday. In the early rounds I listen to the General feed to get a continual update of the action on all courts. Later on when the key matchups are set I will choose the Centre Court or Court 1 feed depending on the match I want to follow.

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Ooga Mooga Tiki Bar

Well shit, here we go again with the old Hawkeye's building. Will no one ever learn? Niceley's had the best shot of anyone in years making something work there and he barely lasted a year. What were some of the other failed concepts over the past 5 years? A hotdog joint. A gay bar. And there was some kind of Caribbean place that never opened. Oh - it must be noted that those 3 failed bars all tried to move in at the end of Spring semester while students were leaving town fast as possible.

The marquee should read: NOT A DAMN CHANCE just to save us all the trouble.

P.S. I will not see you there opening night, whenever that may be...



Memorial Morning Bender

On a similar premise as Drunk Breakfast, behold Memorial Morning Bender. The idea is basically the same except for the fact that everyone already has the day off so there is no satisfaction of getting loaded and having excessive breakfast while the nine to fivers go to work. In this case we salute fallen service men and women on their holiday and raise a glass in their honor.

Round 1...the drinks

Round 2...the meal

Round 3...pics/comments from the drunkards


Saw Works Debut

Let’s try this again. Saw Works’ grand opening starts Wednesday at 4 PM on location in the Old City with their first batch introduction to the public, Saw Works Pale Ale. The following night they will be at the Casual Pint in Bearden for S&G.

The SWBC team hosted a private tour on Monday that featured the new batch plus some other drafts left over from the previous regime. Marble City items such as glasses, t-shirts, decals, etc. are being liquidated at a rapid rate as most locals recognize the defunct brand as collectors’ items. The new logo looks just as good if not better and they already have t-shirts and such with more on the way.

The tasting room remains unchanged for now but I hear there are plans to redo that room and add a seating area outside on a newly designed patio. There will be plenty of room for group outings such as business meetings, socials, birthday parties, etc. I don’t think they plan to operate as a bar/pub or serve food but groups can cater in or coordinate a food truck if they need to.

Saw Works team pictured below, good luck guys!

Jon, Dave & Adam

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Saw Works Brewing Company

So long Marble City, hello Saw Works...

(via Metro Pulse)

Rumors have been flying fast and furious about the demise of Marble City Brewing Company, but all those rumors were woefully premature. Marble City isn't dying, it's just rebranding itself as Saw Works Brewing Company, so named because the site of their brewery on Depot Street was once Wallace Saw Works. Co-owner Johnathan Borsodi declined to comment about the reason behind the name change, but one likely guess is that it's due to an ongoing trademark lawsuit filed by New Mexico's Marble Brewery.

Borsodi says the name isn't the only thing changing at MCBC, either. The company has replaced its brewmaster with Dave Ohmer, formerly of Downtown Grill and Brewery, and will now focus exclusively on English-style ales. Borsodi says Ohmer has already begun brewing, and the first batch, a pale ale, will be ready to drink in a couple of weeks. The beer will also be made from locally sourced grains, making the beer even more local.

"We're excited to bring Dave on board," says co-owner Adam Palmer. "He's a longtime member of the Knoxville brewing community, and we look forward to making the best English-style ales possible."


Roosters-New Draft Beers!!!‏

Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan (Photo credit: Speed-Light)
Summer Line up!
It's almost summer and that means it's time for new flavors on our taps! Try a Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan, Sweetwater Roadtrip, Sam Adams Summer Ale, Pacifico Cerveza, Somersault Seasonal, 1554, Sierra Nevada Draught Style Pale Ale, Brooklyn Brown Ale, or a Dos Equis Lager Especial. Of course, all of your old favorites are still here as well! Stop by and try a new favorite, or enjoy an old favorite!

(via Rooster's newsletter)

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Awww Schlitz

A couple of weeks ago I ran out of beer and had to go out for more. I made a quick trip to the Jackson Ave. Market for the first time and bought a six-pack of Schlitz. See, I’ve been on a light beer kick lately, going so far as to have standard domestics such as Miller Lite, Coors and even trying Bud Light Platinum (don’t judge me!). This was the perfect opportunity to try their original 1960s recipe that has been out a couple of years. It definitely has more taste and flavor than most domestics I’m used to and I’ve since bought it a few more times. Hell, I may even check on keg availability if I ever get my kegerator up and running.

I’m not sure why it took so long to give it a try. I believe LVL jumped on it right as the re-launch happened but I don’t remember trying it. I did have a taste last fall while on a trip to Milwaukee on a visit to the Pabst brewery. The manager sold me on the details – exact gas mixture, pressure, glassware, serving temperature – it was good. I had a couple but forgot about it as soon as I left and hit Mo’s Irish Pub. Eight months later and I can’t get enough, go figure.


Drunken Jukebox 8

Behold the Drunken Jukebox: Music to Motivate Your Liver. A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll, punk, rap, hip hop and pop crap, old or new– all musical genres and periods are open for exploitation. Quarters and crisp dollar bills not required.

Sometimes the DJ just doesn't make sense.

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Downtown Grill & Brewery - Drinks and Smokes

DGB is hosting another one of those "hey, come and sip some whiskey samples and end up buying a shit ton more" tastings today.There will be music, cigars and of course product education and discussion for those who care about the finer details. Maybe some swag & trinkets, guest distiller, Demi or Jack? The Jim Beam family of spirits will be featured among others I would guess. Light up, drink and enjoy the show.



Boyd’s Jig & Reel – Doing it Right

Boyd’s in the Old City (aka Bog District) has been open for several months and appears to be doing good business. Our group of drunkards has recently been going to the former Manhattan’s location on a regular basis as a good stop for beer and pub food. They also have a huge selection of scotch and I’ve heard rumors that they are trying to stock the largest supply of scotch in the country. Good for them but I’ll stick to the bourbon and Irish whiskey.

They have done a good job cleaning up the place and the service has been excellent every time I have been there. The music and gaming rooms off the main bar are usually filled with crowds of folks having a good time. The food menu isn’t huge but it has adequate, unique dishes to please most diners. I wouldn’t call it a destination place for dinner unless you have a craving for a particular dish, such as their best-in-town fish & chips (at least for now). Give ‘em a try next time you’re in the Bog District and tell them DK sent you. Slainte.


Beer & Ham

The Super Bowl tied a bow on the 2011 NFL season with a great game and another slap in the faces of Patriot fans thanks to Eli Manning and the NY Geee-men (Bermanese). Like most of America, our group took the opportunity to over-consume alcohol and food. A keg of Banquet Beer and a Honey Baked ham go a long way – long enough to have me catching zzzzz by the end of the game. The commercials weren’t what I would consider “good”, Indy provided a backdrop of wholesome family goodness that prevented any players from getting into serious trouble, and Madonna’s old ass stepped around the stage like a life-alert infomercial was being filmed, leaving us to be entertained by the action on the field. Golly gosh, what’s it going to take to make this Super Bowl idea get some traction?

And the deviled eggs, good god how could I forget the deviled eggs:

 See you guys next month.
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Fine. It's Whiskey Season

No, Anonymous commenter #10, don't shove us over just yet.

It's Whiskey Season MFs. I drank right through Wine Sesaon and the holidays without much brown liquor at all. Sure there were a few highballs and shots of Jameson, but now it's time to make up for lost ground. And if someone makes good on their boast of Maker's Mark for the NFL playoffs this weekend we should get back on track just fine.

Andiamo alla taverna.