Soccer Taco Market Square Expanding

(via Market Square District Association)

Soccer Taco will soon open a chic and contemporary bar in the basement of its Market Square location.

"La Cueva del Chango" (translation: the monkey cave) will combine a lively urban atmosphere with a creative menu and cocktail list. Featuring antojitos - Mexican small plates - ceviches and tacos, plus unique margaritas and an extensive selection of tequilas, La Cueva del Chango is sure to become Knoxville's next greatest Hot Spot.

Not to worry, your Soccer Taco classics are still available upstairs! Sip on a famous margarita and dig into your favorite burrito or chimichanga while watching Big Orange Football on one of 13 flat-screen satellite televisions. Or simply relax on the outdoor patio with a bowl of fresh guacamole and a beer. It's no coincidence that Soccer Taco has won awards from three separate media outlets in Knoxville and East Tennessee (including the Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville) for Best Mexican Restaurant and Best Margarita. Take advantage of "The Best" with fabulous Happy Hour Specials Monday - Thursday from 12 until 7pm including $3 Margaritas on the Rocks and $3.50 Frozen Margaritas. Happy Hour Draught and Bottled Beer Specials, too!

Open until 1am Fridays & Saturdays
9 Market Square, Suite 101


Fucking Dutch

Ran across this abomination recently in FL. Pathetic. C'mon, you're better than this Netherlands.


Niceley's Tavern

It's been a few weeks since I found the blog entry about Niceley's Tavern and the infamous burger service, or lack of service, but our cadre of drunkards went for a taste of our own and conducted hands on research. Hands on a lot of Woodruff IPA and burgers - ho ho!

The night went pretty well, much better than the service described by the aforementioned blogger. We went fairly early on a Friday night and there was a good gathering of folks - not crowded but far from empty. Old habits die hard so we went upstairs and had the place to ourselves for a while before the dinner crowd spilled in. Six patrons, five burgers (three half-pounders) and lots of beer were not a problem for our attentive waitress. The place is still a work in progress for sure, but the food and drinks were our main objectives and we didn't leave disappointed. IPA has its own way of making things special, but the burgers held their own and there wasn't a complaint among us, which is not easy with our drunk asses.

The oblong, football shaped bun was unique but sturdy to the task of big, juicy patties and cheesy goodness. The flavor of the meat was delicious and paired well with my toppings of onions and mushrooms. And the hand cut fries were also K.A. I'll admit the menu is very limited but honestly I appreciate a place sticking to doing what it knows best and not cluttering up the menu with a bunch of prepackaged crap.

Niceley's Tavern is now on my rotation of campus bars when I want a good burger and beer. The IPA makes this an easier choice. Niceley done...


One of These Beers...

  • I will win the lottery and quit my job
  • I will finish that thing
  • I will go to Niceley's near the strip for a burger and beer
  • Or will I?
That's all I've got. Honestly I was going to post some kind of list about drinking and a lame apology about being too busy to blog and hope to skate by for a while longer. Then I stumbled when spelling Niceley's, the second e gets me, but a quick Google search revealed a local blog that warned "Never go to..." and I got hooked. It sounded like it would be a very dramatic story but was basically your typical shitty service experience, which does suck. As ususal, the commenters keep fanning the flame.

Finally another blogger willing to bitch and complain once in a while.

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