My Kind of Town

The folks at Modern Drunkard Magazine have provided insightful and humorous entertainment going on 15 years now and they're still bringing it strong. Credit LVL for bringing them to my attention years ago and I've been a reader ever since. They go on hiatus from time to time (hey, they're drunkards) but currently seem to be active and have updated their website with some new stuff. Here is a link to an article that features a man's dream of the perfect place - Boozetown. I admire Mel's enthusiasm and passion for alcohol but I'm unsure if even our group of lushes could handle a town with so much focus on drinking. Who am I kidding, of course this is the place I'd want to live.


  1. Come on man. We are trying to secure financing/partners to open a moonshine themed water park called "Whiskey Hollow". You can handle boozetown.

  2. Now that TN has approved new distillation operations we're one step closer...to our graves.