Scooped by the Scope

The Property Scope blog has scooped two pretty significant drink-related stories that impact our area. One is about a legendary local bar & restaurant and the other is about the possibility of a brewery coming to Alcoa.

Old College Inn recently relocated to the old Chili’s location on the Cumberland Avenue strip. Now the bank has said “not so fast” and negotiated to retain the OCI name with the old property. This has been a touchy subject with many people since the move was announced and now it appears things will go back to the way they were. Or will they? The new name of the restaurant is Goal Post Tavern but the article says the menu is virtually the same. So if someone buys and reopens a new OCI in the old location will they have rights to the English Burger or Turkey Brown? This story may not be over yet.

Sierra Nevada may be opening a distribution center in Alcoa if things go well. I say bring ‘em on. Their pale ale has been a longtime favorite but their porter ain’t so bad either. I’m not sure what impact they’ll make to our local drinking scene but it can’t hurt anything. I doubt prices would go down. Maybe they would sponsor more events and go out of their way to increase visibility. Regardless I think it would be cool to have them here and I hope it works out.

Props to The Scope for these drink updates!


  1. In other beer news, Marble City's first brew is on tap in a few locations. It's a raspberry wheat beer, and I haven't tried it yet. It doesn't sound like my kind of beer. Here's hoping they produce a good old regular hoppy ale soon.

  2. That's the same beer they've been slinging since Brewers Jam last year. Not my style either so I hope they have something new soon.

  3. I think it was the Raspberry Wheat that Catfish turned into the sewers back in the day at GSBC.


  4. As a wise man once said "don't put no more of them d@mn rasins in my cookies" I say don't put no d@mn raspberry in my beer! Catfish was right!


  5. Knoxville BrewFest