Tin Roof, Redbull Play and Destroy

Play and Destroy is a collegiate student vs. student music battle where all you need is an iPod, creativity, and a solid song list. Competitors are given categories ex. best make out song, stripper anthems, singing in the shower, etc.


-Build a playlist with your best song for each category and battle your opponent for the grand prize.
-You'll get to play each song for 30 seconds, so cue it up to the good part.
-Winners are judged by crowd response, ties are decided by playing an additional song.
-You must create a DJ Name for yourself in order to compete.
-You can't use the same song twice.

Play and Destroy will take place November 27th at Tin Roof Knoxville on the Strip
Event begins at 10:30 pm - 21+
For more information and to register to compete visit - www.RedBullPlayAndDestroy.com


  1. Well I am sure you can kick a lot of ass at that Raving Throwdown with your Steeley Dan playlist.

    It should suck the roof right back on the joint.

    On the other hand, I think "Joey" could perform well in all categories.


  2. I know, right - Steely Dan back to back with the Doobie Brothers followed by Michael McDonald's "Sweet Freedom" from Running Scared - a triple threat of two backing vocals and power lead vocals from one of America's greatest performers of the 21st century. The gd kids won't know what hit 'em. I mean that literally - they will not know what the fuck they just heard. Their loss.