Eve of Rage

The 2nd Annual Day of Rage is tomorrow, 4/20. Not what you would normally expect for that particular date but it works. This will be my first experience as a participant, one of only three confirmed, though others have been invited. There will be spectators too.

What is the Day of Rage, you ask. I hardly know myself. According to my written invitation it states "...three grown men will each consume a bottle of delicious Maker's Mark Whisky. What will follow is a terrifying descent into madness and debauchery". So there you have it, debauchery and madness. And drunkenness. There are also mentions of food, refreshments and yard-gaming. Not to mention poetry at halftime, whatever that means.

I like it. Looking forward to it. Hopefully we all survive and I can provide an update of events soon. Until then, cheers.


  1. Chris, in a word: shameful. Other singular responses: awesome, humbling, done.

    It basically kicked my ass just like I thought it would but I may have approached it in an unwise manner as I drank through the bottle as fast as I damn well could. That was my only strategy - to make sure I finished. The outcome was irrelevant, though provided much entertainment for everyone who was there to witness many stumbles, falls and fancy driving.



  2. Thanks for the response. I try to write about beer, Knoxville society, etc at my blog, Fanatical Recycling Inc. The blog has been much neglected this year due to my career. I suspect that my blog, and I, are in good company.