Wall St. a.k.a. Graffiti Alley

More wisdom from Knoxville's street artists. Or something. Maybe you can decipher what they mean in the comments...or not.


  1. [IMG]http://www.creepygif.com/images/full/264.gif[/IMG]

  2. I assume random "Ju!ce" graffitti means OJ is in town.


  3. Sleek turkey body

  4. Good to see the coverage of the local art scene(sorry fellow drunk republicans). I'll see you all this weekend to spread a bit of drunken liberalism. Mackey check and please review the new shop heading to town, and Lord your liver is mine!!!!!!


  5. BTW, Mackey, check my blog for info on the shop comment...

  6. You should worry, OJ is in town for your white women assholes!

  7. "worried" Sorry I'm in my drunken character.

  8. Still no idea what these are about but I like them. The top one is my fave for some reason, "Turk-a-tron" is more lifelike in appearance, someone hates coal, the ju!ce character looks like Shmoo, and the alien is lobotomized? Ok.

    And for the record, DK accepts drunks of all political affiliations. We just don't discuss it because, you know, this is a stupid blog for shits and giggles.

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