Danger Powers

At a moment of impulse I picked up this bottle of Irish whiskey to sample this weekend. And by sample I mean drink the whole damn thing. Surprisingly I’ve never had this brand before. Initially I was going to buy my usual Jameson’s, then I saw Bushmill’s and Powers sitting side by side and had to make a decision. After a second or two of drunken synaptic misfires my right hand reached out and grabbed the Powers off the shelf. I strode with pride to the register, made my purchase and completed the entire transaction in about 1 minute flat. Somehow the bottle remains unopened and I have yet to have a sip, but I suspect that won’t be the case very much longer.

Heheheh, I laugh every time. The first (and best) Austin Powers is comic gold. Or is it Powers Gold?

1 comment:

  1. Folks, this cocksucker will wreck you. It's only 80 proof, and we drank not even half, but this fucking blistered the entire group. Daisy Cutter.