Free South Africa, you dumb son of a bitch

Invoked a little Murtaugh there. Weird.

Anyhoo, these sumbitches shut down. I remember going there as a punk ass kid with the rents shortly after the abortive World's Fair. Fun note: I did go there two years ago with Mackey's brother. He won't own a red...nothing!


Tag, the former author/brewer here, can grill a steak on par with anyone. I'll be damned if I grill it myself someplace. Still, I am somewhat saddened since I am a huge fan of the old WFP sites. With both this property and the L&N vacant, I worry that some urban traitor will fuck us and sell them to the Russkies or the Frogs. Fuck that noise. That shit's for the birds.


  1. Hey, speaking of the Butcher Shop, we need to eat there some time since it is so close to Mackey's.


  2. I think we're too late, they closed on Sunday. I'd rather go to that new Brazilian place when it opens anyway.

  3. That Braziliam place sounds like the type of joint "The Enigma" would have worked at.


  4. The Butcher Shop hasn't been my restaurant of choice for years, but I'm a little sad to hear that it's closed.

    I spent many, many Saturday evenings there in the late eighties, drinking those excellent Long Island Teas they used to serve in the small wine carafes.

    I remember, our favorite Butcher Shop waitress in those days was named Hope. She was cool.

    I did go there about a year ago, and noticed how dated and substandard it seemed now. Back in its day, it was really good. I miss those times.