Knoxville Brewfest

The inaugural Knoxville Brewfest has SOLD OUT. All signs lean toward a successful event and another beer drinking festival. Or is it a tasting festival? I suppose everyone will decide for themselves. I will not be in attendance so I'll have to rely on feedback from friends to let me know how it was. Please feel free to leave comments.

Apparently not everyone in town is pleased with the addition of another Brew event, according to KnoxNews.com. And I must say that I have to side with Woodruff Brewing Company on this one, they were snubbed without cause. Not having one of our local brewers as a participant just because they're part of another, similar event doesn't make sense. But I think the organizers realize this and will make the right call next year and everything will be fine. At least I hope so.

Good luck Knoxville Brewfest! Maybe I'll see you next year...


  1. I really believe that it was just somebody really trying to do the correct thing! I have been in those situations before. It's 50/50 on making the correct choice.

  2. What was the right thing by NOT inviting Woodruff's? Just because he helped with another event? That's ridiculous. Grow up BBM!