2011 Brewers Jam

Yes, I ended up going after all. There's nothing like a last minute ticket to an event that you really wanted to go to but thought that you couldn't. Actually I got the good news the night before and celebrated by drinking way too much and making an ass of myself. Saturday was filled with text messages and verbal accounts of my erratic, drunken behavior: stumbling, rambling to strangers, shouting, unjustified prick point assessments, questionable random hookup, calling people by the wrong name, ditching a bar buddy - you get the idea.

Saturday's hangover wasn't too bad and I slept most of it off by noon. The first order of business was retrieving my ride, left downtown overnight. By the time I returned home the line for KBJ was moving and I went inside about an hour later. The weather this year was perfect, sunny and around 70. It was unusual to pace myself, knowing I had an obligation that evening, but I managed 4-5 samples and a bbq sandwich from Sweet P's that satisfied my cravings. I talked to a few friends, visited a few displays, then got the hell out of there before I lost my discipline.

Thanks to Tag for the extra pass, cheers!

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  1. Unjustified prick points? They are always justified, especially when you are enjoying your vino (er tequila).