Downtown Wine + Spirits FREE Tasting 10/28/11. 2011 Knoxville Brewers Jam

I had to repost this email for DTWS. Sure, it's another lazy post, copied and pasted straigt from an email. So what. It's about booze, no, FREE booze, and it has profanity - two of my favorite things. I took liberty with their PC-friendly censoring and spelled out what they really wanted to say, you're welcome. Plus I just wanted a reason to include a picture of Mr. Popcorn Sutton for some street cred. Look, he hates you!

I've made unfulfilled promises about getting back to a regular schedule, or at least semi-frequent blog entries, but work has been keeping me down and it just hasn't happened. Only a few readers have noticed so it's not like there are death treats coming my way. Anyway I may have some updates forthcoming. Maybe. Here, I'll even set a tentative list of possible reviews/visits the rest of the year:

  • Boyd's Jig & Reel
  • Darwin's Den
  • The Casual Pint
  • and maybe a follow up the the half-assed Public House Pub snippet which was basically an excuse to post an image of a naked lady behind the bar
One more thing: Brewers Jam 2011 is this weekend, Saturday 10/22/11. It sold out again and I will not be going for reasons better left unmentioned. Enjoy drunkards!

And check out the folks at DTWS next time you're downtown!

Popcorn Says F*** You  (Fuck You)

Popcorn Sutton was a legendary moonshiner who achieved folk hero status from various profiles in print and documentaries including some highly entertaining (albeit not intended for general audiences) interviews with Johnny Knoxville. His homemade elixers are still considered among the best, provoking wistful memories from those fortunate enough to have sampled his craftmanship. Tragically he took his own life rather than serve out the sentence he was charged for illicit distilling. His "spirit" lives on however thanks to his authentic recipe being passed on to an apprentice and now reproduced for all to enjoy. This white whiskey is remarkably elegant and complex, perfect for sipping straight. Join us Friday evening here at our free tasting from 5:30 to 7:30 to sample a little of Popcorn's "likker". Wear your overalls.

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