Aisle 9 and Latitude 35

Sounds like a Shuggie Otis song but I’m referring to two new locations opening downtown, hopefully soon. First up, Aisle 9, or maybe Nine as the sign reads:

I first learned of this place a few months ago when a mutual friend of the co-owner was in town and we took a brief tour of the building. I haven’t really heard anything else about it until I noticed some workers there a couple of weeks ago while cruising through the Old City. Now the windows are covered up and the beer application was posted on the door indicating they are making progress. No idea when they will be open for business but I’m looking forward it.

Also making progress and inching closer to opening their doors is Latitude 35. I was actually inside the building with one of the co-owners recently and they’ve done a ton of work since the last time I was there, but it still looked weeks away from being finished and it doesn’t appear they will make it in time for St. Patrick’s Day as he had mentioned as a target date. But the good news is that they aren’t cutting corners just to rush an opening, the building is basically being redone from top to bottom and I think they’re adding a top deck featuring a patio and bar area, so we’ll see when it all comes together. An advertisement in the March issue of Blank reads: “breakfast, lunch, dinner entertainment venue coming soon to Market Square”. And there will be multiple fully stocked bars with all your favorite beer, booze and wine so don’t worry about that.

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  1. AisleNine should be holding it's Grand Opening in about a month from what I've been told.