Friday Rage

Apologies for the unusual negative vibe here but I have to vent for a moment. Maybe it’s the extra stress of work lately or just a case of manstruation but I’m over the edge with a few things this morning, mostly traffic.
Drivers who stop at green lights. I may have mentioned this one before but it bears repeating. It’s a simple fact of driving you learn from the start: Red means Stop, Green means Go. Not tap your brakes a dozen times as you approach in case the light changes (that’s why we have yellow lights), not ease through at 4 MPH thus backing up a line of cars for no reason, and definitely do NOT fucking stop at the Green light, look both ways multiple times, then make a last second decision like you’re taking a risk into the unknown. Fucking idiots.

Gay St. is not a drop off / waiting area. Cars parking along Gay St. when I first moved to town years ago struck me as a bit peculiar, but I got used to that rather quickly. Now more than ever it seems as though drivers take their sweet-ass time loitering in traffic as spouses, friends, etc. go about their business. I can deal with the quick 5 second jump in/out and moving along, but that’s the least of it. I don’t want to see PDA as you kiss and coo over one another like you won’t see each other for months, this isn’t the airport. Likely you’ll be back at 5 PM picking them up and reliving the whole process again. Going to the KUB express payment box is one thing, but don’t idle in traffic while your passenger picks up their cleaning or opens a checking account at the bank. Move your fucking cars people!

KAT rules downtown street traffic. Just look at those buses next time you’re driving downtown. Count the number of buses then count the riders, you can usually count them on one hand per bus. One weekday afternoon several weeks ago I counted 9 buses on Gay St. from 1st TN Bank to the visitor’s center, many with only 2 – 3 passengers. KAT is a public service that I don’t really have a beef with but I can’t wait for the new transit center to be completed. I don’t know if it will reduce traffic congestion or not but let’s hope so.
Ok. I’ve had my Jameson-laced coffee and biscuit so I’m relaxed now. It’s Friday, the weather is warming up and a fun holiday is just around the corner. I feel better, really, thanks for listening.

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