Cash Only

A big peeve of mine at the bars these days is the bastard practice of pre-authorization of credit cards for a set sum in advance of the tab. Most banking institutions will count this as a pending charge on your account, and heaven only knows what rotten practice each individual credit card company will pursue. In short, long after you have left the bar you still feel like you haven't paid. Days after the final beer, last call, and the hangover you haven't yet finished the ordeal. I realize this practice is not new, nor is it illegal or unethical. You are after all, making a decision on where to drink and part of that process is the style of management said bar utilizes. However, just because a bar has a legal leg to stand on doesn't make it "cool."

It's not unusual for a bar to hold a card for the tab, I grant that. Even fine with it, although my regular bars would get crucified if they asked me for a card. The truth is that some places get ripped off on a frequent basis and creativity with opening and closing a tab can keep the place in the black and won't make the employees unhappy. We as patrons deserve some of the blame for running out on tabs, miserly tipping, drawing arrogant birds on the receipt, etc. However, if I give a card and then opt to pay cash when leaving-that should be the end of it. Instead I've got an uncomfortable hand in my wallet for a few days even after I should be in the clear. Two places that I visit on a semi-regular basis have this misguided policy.

What relevance does the photo have with the post? Absolutely none, but I've wanted to use it for some time and have zero idea how to work it in to a usual topic. Maybe some loose connection to the Governor of Colliefornia and their credit/cash woes? Whatever.

I thought about whether or not to post this...complaint is the term, since the offenders are two bars that we have reviewed positively. I'll not identify them since I really enjoy both establishments and realize I am coming off as a nitpicky bastard. Just airing a grievance in advance of Festivus. Looks like I'll be taking a Adam Jones-ish wad of cash* and make it rain after each beer.

*No more than 20 US dollars


  1. Just beware that carrying cash around campus could leave you exposed to the football team, which is bad...but not nearly as bad as exposing your cash to the looming inflation explosion that is "Obamanomics"

    This week's tough question, if you were being carjacked by Nu'Keese...would you have shot him?

  2. Yeah, exactly. My tabs still aren't adding up. F!

  3. Twenty bucks! Braggart!

  4. Bangs, smell of sulphur, and ringing ears

  5. You sure you can't tell us which bars are these? I can tell you that I normally go to the brewery and sidestreet, and they do not do this to me--perhaps because I'm a long-time regular? In any case I'd like to avoid places that do this.

  6. Supposed to be a couple of places that have been otherwise positively reviewed. These drunks camp out at the brewery so it can't be there.