Loose Ends

I finally got around to cleaning my kegerator last week with the help of our brewer friend. He provided the powerful caustic and cleaning tank that we used to sweep the lines in a matter of minutes, which is easier than doing it with a home cleaning kit. In addition to that we switched my puny, factory-provided regulator to a used, bigger regulator that I hope will help with some foamy pouring issues. I’ll know once I actually refill the keg and try it out, hopefully in a day or two in time for Drunken Breakfast II.

Speaking of, DBII is scheduled this week for another gathering of early morning cocktails and gluttonous food consumption. About half a dozen friends will meet at 8:00 a.m. to start the day, except instead of productive work there will be productive boozing. Bloody Marys, Irish Coffee, Screw Drivers, beer and wine top the list of drinks/cocktails; biscuits and gravy, pancakes, hash browns and various meats and eggs are on the food menu. The neighbors may have reason for concern. We’ll try to give an accurate recount of the event if possible.


  1. Biscuits AND GRAVY, truly you are the affluent!

  2. It will be so, but only if YOU bring it.

  3. I am going to begin fasting at after lunch here in about 20 minutes. That much time will be needed to purge my GI, and create ample space for the pork, bread, egg, and potato gorging that is now imminent...and the whiskey carafes.