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Macleod's University Gathering Place
The latter is emphasized. This is because that for many years, Macleod's was a downtown gathering place. Due to ruthless and utterly prickish assholes that leased the property, management had to move to the UT campus. A once thriving place for a sound lunch and happy hour beverages now exists as a standard bar on The Strip.
A bit of a disclaimer is needed here. The authors of this blog are friends with the owner and proprietor of this bar, so you can expect nothing but praise. When this place was in its original confines, bad behavior and powerdrinking would be de riguer. The lunchtime atmosphere would be replaced by hardy chemical fiends and madness would ensue. It was pretty much the only game in Market Square, indeed, downtown at that time...which makes its ignominious move to campus even more disgraceful.
Macleods has a standard format for a campus bar...jukebox, pool table, bar games, and upon occasion karaoke. Management has adapted well from the lunch-theme to nightlife, and the drafts will pour freely...whiskey served in abundant amounts. It goes from zero to sixty in no time, and you can be the only patron in the bar one minute and literally awash in drunks within the hour. The menu is sound as a pound(sterling) and you can't go wrong with any burger or club sandwich the kitchen produces. Yeungling and Maker's Mark are there to keep this author satisfied.
I am proud of this place, and hope that all six of you get your asses down there more often. We all should.

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  1. Oh yeah, the superclub sandwich is kick-ass! I do miss their hand-batttered fish & chips though.