I Just Called To Say I Hate You

Well I was hoping this didn’t have to be posted, but because of the horrible start it has been proven that it must. So for those of you not in the know (probably 2 out of the 6 who read this babble) this is The Summer of Shunning.

avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of
expel from a community or group [syn: banish]

Not a hard concept to understand, but hard to implement. This is hard to believe with this group, but here we are. Hey it’s not something to feel bad about, some people just fucking deserve it, and we probably should have done this a long time ago. Even though we have opened up our fun to the web, that doesn’t mean the group around us can’t get too big. Sometimes you have to cut off the weak and stupid to fend for themselves. There are cases where you see potential in some to be able to drink with the group and occasionally inject a bit of insight, but there may come a time when you must realize that not all will reach their full potential, or they will do something or many things so fucking dumb that they must be shunned. This concept must be understood and followed by all in order to work. Boycotts don’t work if you’re the only one boycotting. So this should be done with extreme prejudice, they should know they are on our list, if they can’t already sense it. The more they feel the sense of ostracism, the less of it we will have to do, therefore more time to drink. And trust me beer taste better with people you like.


  1. You'd think they would get the idea, except for all the mixed signals and espionage.

  2. It appears King Randal is shunning posting.