Review: Blanton's

In our ongoing efforts to edify the masses about obscure or off-the-beaten-path booze, we present to you:

Blanton's Bourbon.

This is another higher end bourbon that, of course, hails from Kentucky. Like most hooch from that state, Blanton's claims any number of 'firsts' and awards...to be honest, I get tired of reading the accolades. I believe in drinking actions, not drinking words, so boasts made about the product don't typically sway my purchase in the package store.

Still, Blanton's does appeal to me from a variety of directions. The bottle, from an aesthetic viewpoint, is pretty cool. Looks like a nasty brown grenade. The cork/stopper is a homage to Kentucky's horse racing tradition, and the label contains many little tidbits about the origin of each individual bottle such as dates, barrel, and proof. Ours was a common proof of around 93.

As for taste the bourbon is very smooth, and I prefer it slightly chilled. To be frank, we tested this bottle under battlefield conditions ie the lake, rather than at the bar or in privacy of one's home. Passing the bottle around, it was generally agreed that it was a fine bourbon, though the parameters for the testing period were late in the day after many, many beers.

The grenade is somewhat pricey...getting one for 50 bucks seems to be the mean range. Honestly, I am more apt to still drink Maker's for day to day boozing...but Blanton's is certainly a fine potable, and would make for an excellent gift.

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  1. Man that was a surprise treat. So awesome. And it goes well with the usual grilled meats, etc. And guns.