I took an early walk through Market Square yesterday as Sundown in the City was preparing for the evening and noticed a few things:
  • People openly drinking on the way to the event - good for them!
  • Bag checkers will not let you bring in a bottle of water (not me, some other guy)
  • $1 wrist bands at ID check - so now I have to pay for the privilege to drink a beer?
  • Cops huddled in a group not doing a damn thing
  • Knoxville has at least one of those stupid robot "performers" on the square
  • Strange but artistic graffiti on Wall Street
  • Awful beer selection

Of course I didn't stay around for the music; I had people coming over to drink beer at my place. I would show pictures to enhance this post but my camera batteries died, my laptop is already crashed, so I'm basically facked all 'round.


  1. What's a robot performer? ...

    Kudos to open containers!

  2. I think the robot performer is someone who 'dances' the robot moves from the 80's?

  3. No its a street performer, that moves like a robot when you toss him some change.