2015 College Football Bowl Challenge

The 2015 College Football Bowl Season is underway. In case you missed it there were 6 bowl games on 12/19/15 to get us started. Six down, 487 more to go. Actually there are 40 bowl games this season, five more than 2011 when I first attempted (and completed) the challenge.

I do not know if I will complete all games this season but so far I am on pace at this early stage. It takes more time and effort than you would think, we will see. Cheers.


Sports Bars / NFL Sunday Ticket

Who has the best sports bar in Knoxville? Must include NFL Sunday Ticket to be eligible, I mean come on.

Ever since Latitude 35 closed downtown I have been looking for a place to watch out of market NFL games, sorry Titans. Wild Wings is supposed to open another location downtown soon but until then I need a convenient place to drink and watch the games.

Mellow Mushroom? Fieldhouse Social? Please add favorites via comments, thanks.


Day of Rage IV

So this is a few months late but it's not like we are on top of things around here lately. This year went slightly better than 2014, meaning no bodily harm to any participants. There were three finalists this year, not four. Order of finishers: HL, LVL, M. Everyone agrees that this should be our last D.O.R., though months after the debacle there is talk of a 5 year anniversary edition next year with cask strength Maker's to mark the occasion. WTF? We will see. There are before and after (bottle) photos but Blogger or my laptop are not cooperating today - the first time in over a year when I decide to post here, figures.

Prick points were assigned, trinkets were awarded and a badge of valor was on display straight from Loretto, KY. Then more prick points were awarded throughout the day. Lies are being spread at this very moment that yours truly is odds on favorite for 2015 POY but I can assure you this is a highly disputed farce of shit. The new POY trophy is missing some qualified, overdue names who are more worthy of this title.


Day of Rage III

Let's see how it goes this year. Lurid details to follow...


Eve of Rage

The 2nd Annual Day of Rage is tomorrow, 4/20. Not what you would normally expect for that particular date but it works. This will be my first experience as a participant, one of only three confirmed, though others have been invited. There will be spectators too.

What is the Day of Rage, you ask. I hardly know myself. According to my written invitation it states "...three grown men will each consume a bottle of delicious Maker's Mark Whisky. What will follow is a terrifying descent into madness and debauchery". So there you have it, debauchery and madness. And drunkenness. There are also mentions of food, refreshments and yard-gaming. Not to mention poetry at halftime, whatever that means.

I like it. Looking forward to it. Hopefully we all survive and I can provide an update of events soon. Until then, cheers.


Fuck The Commies

Commie subterfuge.

These automated spam attacks have gone on long enough, proving yet again how the acts of just a few can ruin a good time for everybody. So thanks, Commies, comments have been disabled. Not that comments and reader feedback were a big part of this blog anyway. Still, it annoys me to see those shit-languages written all over my drunken posts. Fuck off losers. I've got too much work and drinking to do to keep cleaning up your shit.


Chris in the Evening

John Corbett live at Tin Roof! Tickets are only $10 and are available online. You've seen him on Sex and the City, Northern Exposure, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and now catch him live in an intimate show at the Roof performing songs off his billboard charting self-titled debut album and his new release, Leaving Nothin' Behind.  Show begins at 8 PM. More details here.