Review: Toasted Head Chardonnay

Not only do we not drink a ton of wine but even rarer that it be a chardonnay. That is why it gets a review, just to say we did it. This wine is what you get when you are label shopping for wine, I wasn’t looking at price tags just wanted to try something different, and it was. We were all grilling fish that night except Lord (ass), and this bottle looked interesting and chards are to be with fish said the snobs. Toasted Head is a California winery located in the beautiful farming county of Yolo, which is another way of saying we couldn’t afford land just west of us in a little county known as Napa. The name comes from toasting the heads of the barrels they age the wine in; I don’t care where the bear came from or its ability to breathe fire.
Their description goes as followed: Our Chardonnay leads with fresh, ripe pear and tropical fruit aromas that carry hints of mango and vanilla. The round, smooth palate features luscious stone fruit and tropical fruit flavors complemented by toasty oak tones. Characteristically round, smooth, and luscious, it culminates in a lingering, toasty-vanilla finish.
As usual their description is overdone, but that’s their job. I picked up on some of the fruit hints and defiantly the vanilla, but over all the wine was thin bodied and unfulfilling. Still drank every drop, but moved on quickly. Like I said; not much of a chardonnay drinker, so maybe this was better to some people than to me. Overall I will look past this wine next time but am still glad I got it, you never know till you drink it.


  1. Fire-breathing bear? Similar to Fire Lad a.k.a. Staq Mavlen?

  2. White wine? Seems a bit ghey