Tuesday Night Drinks

This Tuesday promises to be another great installment of TND. Not only will there be drinks aplenty (no kidding), but tonight we have a special out of town guest visiting all the way from Philly, PA - Lt. Rocka! I should say passing through because he is on a long-ass road trip - driving from Philly to Los Angeles to live in paradise. Not knowing when he'll be passing this way again we need to show him a good time and make this visit to K-town one to remember.

Now Rocka is a UT alum and knows this town from top to bottom. Or at least he used to before "the Strip" was converted to a sandwich/chicken finger concession stand and West Knoxville stretched to Turkey Creek. Nonetheless his ample skills will be enough to get him through 1 night in our little ol' town. I'm sure we'll start by front loading at my place awaiting his arrival. After that is an open slate. Lt. Rocka is all about the music scene so I may scour the local listings to see if anything decent is happening. In the mean time I've included a link to his music downloads if you're up for some mixed music, spoken word and other crazy shit. Check it out, have some fun, you know the drill.

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