Back to Florida

No I have not made a second trip; why in the hell would I do that. No this is just something that deserved its own post. Ok so there we were near the end of our trip and we have barely left our little area, so let’s explore, let us see what normal tourist do, blah. So we head south to
Turns out to be as touristy as touristy spots get, blah. That’s alright I tell my self over and over, because we haven’t done any of this yet so one evening won’t hurt. Everybody else with us was there to eat; me just to drink. So Miss. Berauscht and I get to walk around to some shops while they wait on a table; not bad, some decent shops some tourist traps. Soon I get the call; table ready at the Hut. The place is all done up for your family of vacationers: fake trees painted on every post, fake stone figures, foe bamboo, blah. So I look down the draft line, all crap, as I remind myself it’s ok it is just one evening. They can’t even provide a decent bottle. I settle on a Makers on the rocks. It arrives at the table looks like a normal pour, but in a plastic cup; I once again remind myself. It goes down well and the Miss. and I want to go walking while they eat, so we ask for the tab. $11.00; I was ready for something around there so no big deal, until further review $6.00 for my Makers and $1.00 for the rocks. Yes a dollar for the ice. This is unacceptable, I didn’t order a mixer with it, no soda, nothing but ice. This isn’t some Euro shit hole where they covet ice like oil. I would have been happy to pay $7 for the drink on vacation but to seriously charge for ice and point it out is outrageous. This better not become a common practice; for ice is still too cheap for a restaurant not suck up the cost form other places. Another reason for drinking beer when out and whiskey at home.