Tuesday Night Drinks

Yep it's that time again - Tuesday!! Tonight will be another installment of a favorite pastime known as TND. Do Tuesdays ever seem like the worst day of the week? Why not take the edge off with some drinks? For those times when you can't make it to "hump day" and need something to break up the week, having drinks on Tuesday night with the boys or girls is the logical thing to do.

Now I realize having drinks (getting drunk) on a Tuesday is no real accomplishment. Real drunks don't know or care what day of the week it is as long as they have their precious hooch. But for functional drunks like us there are certain restraints we must endure: jobs, bosses, bills, etc. That is why sneaking in a rip-roaring session of boozing on a Tuesday is a perfect distraction from all the other shit going on. Plus your boss is less likely to expect a hungover employee in the middle of the week. Besides, what the hell are you going to do on a Tuesday night anyway? Exactly, nobody makes plans for Tuesday night. There are only 3 requirements for a proper TND:
  1. Invite at least 1 other person to join you
  2. Get some hooch
  3. Drink it - all of it!

There is no wrong way to go about this. Hooch of all types are acceptable and variety is encouraged. Wine is always a good call. It never hurts to have some fine spirits around to pick up the pace when things get bogged down. Beer is an obvious choice and what we will be drinking tonight (wine & vodka as backups).

By all means feel free to mix it up. Hit the bars - they'll love the business on a usually slow night and you'll have the run of the place. Move it around amongst your group of friends' houses/apartments to make sure they risk the probability of things getting broken. Or take a break from your usual drink of choice and try something new. Instead of your staple Jim Beam try Old Charter. Put down the Smirnoff Ice (egads!) and have a real vodka drink. Surprise your friends with an imported bottle of absinthe!! You get the idea, now go out there and drink tonight. Otherwise when you wake up all sober on Wednesday you'll feel just like all the other working schleps out there.

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