The Best Unknown Party In Town

Now before all you party host get puffed up about your great 4th of July bash or what ever, this is the best public party in town that you probably have never been to. There is one huge reason I regard this party so highly, but I will save that for last. First reason to attend is the host; The Shrimp Dock on Kingston pike. If you haven't been there you’re missing out on the freshest seafood you can take home, plus at lunch an awesome po'boy, and good frozen soups, with many more things for a great meal at home. They throw this party as customer appreciation, but I feel more like thanking them for doing it every year. Second is the food; an all out shrimp and crawfish boil, and a shuck it your damn self oyster bar. There are many other good features to this party, but let’s get to the big one. BYOB, I am not sure if everyone will see how spectacular this is, but think about bring the beer you choose at the price you usually pay. No $5 a pop for some crap beer that you shouldn't pay a $1 for. Big beer companies want you to buy their beer at home for too much, then at an event charge you six times as much for the same swill, all while standing around looking at their ads that are plastered on everything. What do we get out of that? About 3 beers short of a good buzz, and an empty wallet. That's the reason front loading has become so important. So next year on the Sat. before Cinco de Mayo get your favorite brew and come watch the drunk white people dance to bad 80's covers, while eating some great free food.

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