In Vino Veritas

It's been mentioned by Mackey that we went to a new(well new-ish) pub over the weekend. I've posted before that we write this blog for our own entertainment, primarily, and that holds true for one other aspect of Drinking Knoxville. It's a resource.

You the reader(who may now be counted in double digits, mayhap an even dozen) will get the straight dope on bars and pubs we frequent, or even the places we go intermittantly like some sort of wine-swilling diplomat. While you get this valued information and decide where to spend your filthy shekels, we are challenged to strike out from the comfortable barstools and tables where scores of servers and tenders of the bar refer to us as regulars. (Most of the time with hate in their beady, hopeless eyes.)

Together we will assault the bars and joints in this Brigadoon of a town...sparing you only the noxious reviews of franchised eateries and soul-murdering chain bars. They can eat a bowl of dick.

One more thing, if you are ever asked by a beautiful woman if she can sample your wine...don't be surprised when the hooker bitches at you when she spills it. It's an odd but universally held conception that no good deed goes unpunished.


  1. Oh the "wine-teet" incident. We made great fun about that all night long.

  2. you really think there are a dozen? Is there a way for us to track this?

  3. I know of at least one civilian who has been invited to read. Two actually, but one is probably sedated at present.

  4. Eris Goddess of discord and strifeMay 7, 2008 at 11:45 PM

    This comment was supposed to go here!!

    Given your bar dweller status, I am quite surprised Von Lord you would fall for giving a beautiful women or "hooker bitch" a sip of your ego fuel. These women like most men go to bars with one goal in mind. Women for the free drinks and Men for the pleasure sex that could follow. However,most woman jump ship once they've had a few leaving their crotch driven target alone and frustrated. I wouldn't fret too much about the bitch though, with the money she saved that night on drinks she's sure to buy a new blouse to replace the wine-teet stained one.