Tuesday Hangover

Okay I’ll make this brief since I’m a day late…

Friday – Tag constructed a shelf in his kegerator with the capacity to hold a ½ barrel keg and we put it to the test. The “testers” were me, Tag and King Randall. Yep, it worked like a charm and we put a hurtin’ on that beer. Or maybe it put a hurtin’ on us? What was originally planned as dinner and a few beers turned into dinner, a shitload of beer, an extended period in the Opium Den II, listening to the Rat Pack, and passing out on his couch overnight. (and I didn’t even get a goddamned blanket!)

Saturday was a lazy affair of nothingness and couch recovery.

I received several calls from KRTI and others trying to lure me out to another early day of drunkenness but I slept through most of them and ignored the rest until I was ready to go. Upon my late arrival at the bar I discover KRTI has already been “slowed down” and we have to go to another bar. Great shots! We indulged. We misbehaved. We were generally lewd and I somehow stumbled home without serious injury.
Sunday Feast was a wash. We had planned to cook an enormous feast of steaks, hang by the pool at the penthouse, and drink like fishes. Instead we welcomed Lord von Lord back from Hawaii and took it rather easy. A few beers at Tags, some shots at the bar, and called it a weekend.


  1. Ok, what is up with that last picture? Malt likker, frat beer, and what I presume is crack cocaine wrapped in foil?

    Nice knife, I guess.

  2. The blade is mine own, sir or madam. I cannot claim the frat beer or Colt .45