Ah yes, the first shakedown cruise of the spring. Belated this year to be certain, but no less anxious and rewarding. Anxiety in the sense that you wonder if the boat will self-imolate, sink, blow an engine, or simply not start when you get entirely too far away from shore. Rewarding when you make it back to K-town arrest free and indeed, the boat did not sink.

So yeah, we booze it on the lake...and yeah sometimes we aren't entirely safe out there. Now before any of the uptight league get their panties in a wad, it's not like we are speeding around at midnight pounding bourbon. Those days are over. For one thing, night boating should be leisurely and clandestine, and we are always waaaayyyy out of bourbon by those late hours.

The first cruise of spring is usually a small affair, held on a weeknight usually. A fine repast was prepared of kabobs and various side items. The specifics aren't really important when we take to the lake, mostly because of the haze and full-on blackouts that usually preclude memory.
Expect some posts on where to find cheap booze on the water, where to find parties, and other general information for the nautical drinker. Drinking games on the boat, blender drinks, tomfoolery, the occasional pistol or rifle report, bad attire, and tales of intrigue will abound.


  1. Eris Goddess of discord and strifeMay 7, 2008 at 11:41 PM

    Given your bar dweller status, I am quite surprised Von Lord you would fall for giving a beautiful women or "hooker bitch" a sip of your ego fuel.
    These women like most men go to bars with one goal in mind. Women for the free drinks and Men for the pleasure sex that could follow. However,most woman jump ship once they've had a few leaving their crotch driven target alone and frustrated. I wouldn't fret too much about the bitch though, with the money she saved that night on drinks she's sure to buy a new blouse to replace the wine-teet stained one.

  2. eris goddes of discord and stifeMay 7, 2008 at 11:52 PM

    Tomfoolery you say?

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