Hawaii Five Blog

Aloha bitches.

Some trusting family member has allowed me to purloin their pc, so we get the unexpected joy of liveblogging from Maui...south Kihei to be exact.
Gorgeous place, and liberal booze laws. Picked up a metric fuck ton of bourbon whiskey in the damn grocery store for cheap. I didn't expect that.

By the way, flying first class is tits. Five gratis Woodford Reserve drinks and America's favorite pastime of pharaceutical abuse got me through the long ass plane ride. Hail Delta.
Shockingly, not all of the Lord's family members are drinkers...so a small cabal of cousins and cousines are rallying to drink this place dry. More on that to come...but for now I am going to eat some pills and drink in the pool.
Mahalo gentle readers.


  1. Slow down on the pina colodas Magnum PI. And PI is for public intoxication...

  2. Hang loose padre! Hoping you're having a great time! Keep the pills poppin especially on the flight back...

  3. Keep your head up on Sunday mornings, anything can happen. Ernest Borgnine can't save us all!