Go piss up a rope, Aerosmith

So...Steven Tyler checks into rehab. Again. Let's see...sixty years old, positive Hep test, incredible hypocrite douche. Yep, that sums it up.

Allow me to expound on my interest in this seemingly sad story: His Lordship hates Aerosmith. Not all of it, in fact everything up to and including Toys in the Attic is pretty sharp. However, during the late 80's this once relevant band started going down the proverbial toilet. Pink? Love in an Elevator? That goddamn song and video with Alicia Silverstone?

All shit. Complete drek from a band that should have gracefully bowed out and partied it up in private. You've noticed that while this is not primarily a music blog, we do have some heated conversations about music from time to time. Mackey and King Randal's neverending struggle over Van Halen and The Police is the most well known. Most everyone has a conventionally popular band that they hate. His Lordship knows people that cannot abide AC/DC, Boston, The Eagles and so forth. It's cool.

I listen to ESPN 1180 AM most of the day in my office. Apart from the excessive "Don't trespass on the railroad" commercial tragedies, the most repetitive bit of patter is Joe Perry and Douchebag Tyler lecturing us about the ills of drinking and driving for those faggots at RADD. The hubris on these fucking guys. You live a lifestyle of profligate drinking for decades and now you lecture me? Eat a bowl of dick, hypocrites...good luck getting cured off the Wild Turkey or vikes or whatever the hell it is you pack up your ass for jollies, Tyler.


This is rich. Now, Tyler is saying a foot injury is the reason for his rehab. What an ass.


  1. Well Mackey,Van Halen definitely is absolutley one hundred percent better than the police... As far as Aerosmith, I agree with the Lordship. Anyone who hates AC/DC, I don't even want to go there. One has to understand they were a blues band first and foremost! The only thing I like about Tyler is his daughter Liv...she has incredible lips and I wanted to be her in the movie she played opposite Ben Afleck!

  2. AC/DC sucks their songs aren't good enough for them to suck at playing them.