Thursday's Excuse & The Mic

Monday Hangover will have to wait...

This weekend got an early start when we decided to go out on Thursday to whoop it up for no particular reason. It was rainy and cold, Sundown in the City was relocated, and there weren’t throngs of people crowding the streets or bars – a perfect scenario for some solid drinking.

The night got off to a bad start. I had made plans with Tag to have some drinks indoors before going out, what we refer to as “front loading” (thank you Modern Drunkard Magazine). I laid down to rest for a few minutes before he arrived and went straight to sleep. Not a problem usually, but I had left my phone in another room and didn’t hear it ring when he called to be let into my place. So I fucked up that part of the evening and collected about 10,000 prick points for my nap. I blame the couch. Later I end up meeting King Randall The Insufferable downtown at our local spot. We were joined by a few of the usual suspects and before long we are already using “the mic” to start trouble. When I say “the mic” I am referring to our imaginary microphone styled in the 1970s era – the long, skinny kind most people would associate with Bob Barker of Price is Right fameOurs is similar but we modeled ours after Memphis wrestling announcing legend Lance “Banana Nose” Russell seen here with longtime color announcer / weatherman Dave Brown
Okay, so ours is really just a couple of clear, plastic straws with a cocktail stirrer attached at the top. I regret not having a photo of this technologically advanced instrument to share with you. We almost always follow the wrestling genre of conversation by invoking past “rasslin” legends and all the show-talk that goes with it. We find it hilarious, our neighbors….that’s probably a different story. The volume goes up as the drinks go down. We recruited the “Human Buzz Saw” to participate and she did not disappoint. At 5’2”, 95 lbs this girl is an attack force of verbal smack talk – and that’s just any day without drinking or being prodded to act up. She was all revved up Thursday and we had a blast, even bringing other tables into the fray for the first time. We should have started a Battle Royale of Drinking right there on the spot but apparently that has been set in motion for a completely separate event on its own. I can’t wait. Trinken!!


  1. How do you take an ordinary "let's go to the bar on a rainy day" event and make it sound as though one can't miss the next episode? Good writing on your part! Who knew you could entertain more than just yourselves.
    Surprisingly, I'm enjoying your drunken excursions.

  2. It's easier the more you drink!