Monday Hangover

First Friday - Like every other Friday of the week I am ready to get stinko starting at 5:01 or sooner if I'm lucky. As luck had it I was able to leave work a few hours early and get a head start on the weekend. For those who don't know about it, First Friday is basically a group of downtown businesses offering special events, artists, or discounts to attract people to their shops. Bars usually offer extended happy hour drink specials, which is nice. So I arrive downtown early to get my drink on and land a perfect patio spot. The weather is cool, friends stop and visit as they come and go by, drinks are flowing, life is good. (fades)

Saturday - What the hell? Another one of those nights. It was rainy so I just stayed in until late afternoon when I finally had enough energy to go exercise. By then the weather was nice and I met up with some folks at a new restaurant in the Old City. The best aspect of our visit was the background music provided by our various handheld media devices vs. their piped-in Muzak. Needless to say we drank a lot, went elsewhere and drank a lot more. King Randall The Insufferable wasn't in town to supply endless shots to everyone so I actually made it home in decent shape. Barely.

Sunday - This was a good day. Not having a smashing headache and with plenty of rest I was able to do some errands, clean up the place, have some food, then move on to drinking. But first wouldn't you know there are some favors I've agreed to: moving furniture and pool repair. What the fuck was I thinking, and both on the same day! So I make it to Lord Von Lord's to move his over sized sectional to the garage. (Didn't we used to burn these) After a couple beers we proceed to some German bastards to help repair the pool. The good news is he has a tap system and a full keg of beer. The bad news is we still have to work on the pool, and it kicked our sorry asses. The consolation is that we still get to drink beer the rest of the day and grill out.

So that's a very tame weekend wrap. Not very eventful, but hell I'll take that once in a while compared with all the other shit that usually happens. No lost cell phones, no accidents, no fights, no arrests - it was a good weekend. Looking ahead we should have a recap of the KY Derby from KRTI, a product review and who knows, maybe a couple of introductions.

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