Great Drunks of the Silver Screen 2.0

Oliver Fucking Reed:

Superpowers: Arm wrestling, rugby, transvestitism, throwing up on Steve McQueen

Known for his profligate off-screen boozing more than an on-screen cad, Oliver Reed's notoriety stems from a superhuman ability to drink to excess and stay upright. To the author's own personal glee and satisfaction, the late Mr. Reed would make everyone around him either uproariously drunk or extremely uncomfortable. Rumored to have consumed over 100 pints prior to his marriage(right on) as well as taking over sixty stitches due to being a shitfaced bastard. At the time of his passing in 1999, he still was banned from every bar in Vermont.

Mr. Reed was the bane of the talk show circuit during his heyday and besides Steve McQueen was known to party with Keith Moon as well as admiring Peter O'Toole greatly.

Look at this guy:

and this

This rake fucking rocked. I'll wager his resting place reeks of Famous Grouse.

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  1. No wonder you guys like this asshole. He's what you would be like with fame and lots of cash/